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  • Some advices on warping

    Yes we love 3D printing. And yes, sometimes it can drive us crazy. You can create amazing pieces, but sometimes, but sometimes everything gets destroyed within a second before it’s been finished. It’s annoying and frustrating and when you just started with 3D printing it is absolutely demotivating and you probably want to sell your […]
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  • Sharing knowledge: wood filled filament

    Most 3D printed designs should not only be practical, they should also be aesthetically attractive. Well, most filaments come in different colours, but still they often do not look really fashionable. So, if you want to print an object that does not look like plastic, you may want to try out wood filled filament. Yes, […]
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  • PETG – filament knowledge

    Choosing the right filament for your 3D print job is a tough decision to make as there are so many different ones out there. So in order to make a good choice that fits your needs, it is good to know which features the different material have. Today we want to point out the features […]
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  • PLA – filament knowledge

    Using the right material is an important decision make to complete the perfect print job. Looking at the material that are out there, you could choose from several options and PLA (or Poly Lactic Acid) is one of them is the most popular one. But why should you use PLA? What makes it the better […]
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  • Learnings

    2018 is the year of emerging technologies and there is already lot happening. Looking at 3D printing, it is still a developing market with loads of opportunities and even more fields to discover. So here is what I learned this week: The PWC Digital IQ survey asked technology executives of big companies (500m USD +) […]
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