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There is a lot people can do with 3D printing. Good things, bad things, really sh*** things. Let’s all focus on the good stuff and talk about 3D Aid!

We want to help

In the first place, by making the benefits of 3D printing better known. Experience, master and learn about the new technology. All in cooperation with our community.

3D printed hand

3D printed hand

Anyways, we can also do a lot of nonesense with 3D printing – nonsense, bullshit, rubbish. And that can be fun. We are in.

But doom, big doom, can be caused by 3D printing as well. Producing weapons, making drugs only to mention two examples. We do not want to participate in that, our community shall not join. Every product moving into this direction will be deleted from the platform by us. And may no one try convincing us with money from doing differently. We will take your money immediately. And will donate it for example to the following operation:

Inspiring stories about 3D printing – We want more!

The story about printing simple prostheses in southafrica and other countries ( published by: Spiegel, “Ein neues Bein für Joan”) highly impressed me. From the beginning on, we will make our platform available to everyone with similar ideas, wanting to use their network to develop products and making them accessible, which will help others to create a confident and fortunate life. So, to all the doctors, orthopaedists, pharmacists, thinkers and innovators, get creative.

If you have any questions or ideas about what to do with 3D printing then talk to us. Our small team will always help you. Let’s get creative!



Photo credits: https://pixabay.com/en/prostetic-proteza-3d-print-druk-1273183/

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