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Using the right material is an important decision make to complete the perfect print job. Looking at the material that are out there, you could choose from several options and PLA (or Poly Lactic Acid) as one of them is the most popular one. But why should you use it? What makes it the better choice?

First of all, it is considered environmental friendly and a bio-plastic without containing any oil. Its components are  organic, mainly corn-starch and sugarcane. This makes it usable in-house without needing an extraction system and without any bad smell. Not to forget about the environmental benefit as 3D printing is often criticized for not being environmental friendly. The organic material also makes shinier and smoother so the outcome looks more aesthetically pleasing.

The Benefits:

Compared to other materials, PLA can be printed at a lower temperature – around 180 – 230 degrees. Therefore, it gives you more flexibility with the printing conditions. In comparison with ABS, a different material, PLA is a bit weaker, though, it can achieve a superior level of print detail and is less prone to errors while printing. All in all, it smells and looks more pleasant and gives you more flexibility and is better for your health and the environment.

Another benefit of PLA is its affordability as it is easy and cheap to buy. From our experience this is a great material to start with 3D printing, but it is also good for prototyping as it doesn’t need a lot of post processing.

PLA is always the material we are pretty much always going for. Even though we have tried different ones, by now all our 3D printers are using PLA. Being able to print without really thinking about any health risks or the environmental impact gives us a lot more security and confidence.

And Your opinion on PLA?

So what do you think about PLA? Is it your material of choice as well or are do you prefer a different one? Leave a comment to tell us your opinion!

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