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With the Creality Ender 3 Creality has definitely landed a hit. The printer is currently one of the best sold 3D-printer in the first-time user segment. We ordered this 3D-printer from Banggood.com and already tested it. The printer has been delivered fast by Banggood and the package arrived without any damages. As recommended by Banggood we chose „European Direct Mail“as shipping method.

Assembly and first impression

The Ender arrives with only a few individual parts. The bottom basis with the control board as well as the heating bed are already assembled. Only the power supply as well as the X- and Z-axes have to be installed. For this, the enclosed profiles and the straps for the X-axis have to be installed according to the instruction. The complete assembly took us around one hour, in general it is possible to build the Ender 3 without having it ever done before. Nevertheless, it is beneficial to have some technical know-how. Only the eccentric wheels were a bit problematic. We had to adjust those as we could not move the Z-axis while the printing bed was still too loose. The wheels can easily be adjusted with a hexagon key, for this there are also several help videos on YouTube. This brings us to the scope of supply. All the tools needed for the installement of the Ender 3 are enclosed. Besides the wrench and the hexagon key you also get a filament snapper and a spatula to remove the object from the printing plate. If there is anything to criticise, it is only that Creality did not install a rear panel on the display. This would make the printer appear even more high quality. Of course, this is already complaining on a really high level, as a rear panel does not affect the functionality. In addition, the rear panel can quickly be printed, so this should not be bothering.

The first print

One thing which immediately stands out is that Creality used bigger turning wheels for the Ender 3 to adjust the building plate, which may sound like a small change, but in fact is a huge benefit. Before this printer we had a CR10 Mini which still had the smaller wheels. So, when levelling the bed, the disadvantage is the slippage and that it is much more difficult to level the bed precisely. Creality considered it when building the Ender 3 and solved it through larger nuts. As a result, you have a better feeling with your fingers and it works easier and quicker. Let’s have a look at the first print. The enclosed SD card contains a test file which takes about 5 hours to print. The quality of the test file is very good, even the overhangs get printed nicely by the Ender 3. What caught our attention is the extremely good adhesion of the heating bed. Therefore, we ask ourselves why other producers are still using glass plates as we definitely see an advantage in the coated printing plate as used for the Ender.  Following we printed our key chain from MAY-B. This one has the form of a motor piston and is movable but gets printed in one part. Due to the many overhangs it really is a test for the printer and a good indication to improve the settings. The Ender printed the key chain without any problems and delivered a nice print image. Besides the key chain we also printed more objects with the Ende. Find pictures of them in the gallery!

We used cura for the slicing and on the enclosed SD card is an instruction for an older cura version. Here we would like Creality to use a more up to date version as those have enormous benefits regarding the slicing quality and especially for first-time users it can be confusing which version of cura is the latest one. At the end of this article you can find our cura setting as a download, so please feel free to try those out and give us your feedback on how we can improve them.


The Creality Ender 3 can be quickly assembled and produces good results from the first print on. The quality of the installed parts is consistently very high and better than you would expect from a 3D-printer of this price range. Creality uses proven components, so that the Ender works reliable. We are definitely enthusiastic about the printer and can understand why it has become the bestseller. We will continue testing the Ender 3 and will have an eye on the abrasion, especially of the eccentric wheels. Until then, have a look at the attached pictures. In case you would like to get yourself an Ender 3 you can currently find the Ender in Banggood’s offer. Also, you can the following affiliate link to purchase the Ender. If you have questions regarding the purchasing process, you can always send us a message. As delivery method we recommend „European Direct Mail“as our printer arrived fast and no shopping costs occur. Share your experiences with the Ender 3 with us or send us pictures of your prints. We are looking forward!

Here  you find the Ender 3 at Banggood

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